Google explained why the ranking of ready-made answers is so unstable

May 22, 2020

SEO experts know that the ranking of Google’s ready-made answers (featured snippets) is very unstable: two sites can alternately replace each other, even if nothing has changed on their pages. At Pubcon, a search associate, Gary Ilsh, explained what the situation was.

According to Ilsh, this volatility is caused by constant updates to the algorithm for ranking ready-made answers.

“Ready-made answers are under active development. In this regard, the operation of this function is very variable. People come up with new ideas on how to improve off-the-shelf answers and their algorithms. Therefore, even if you got a place in this block today, then after 24 hours you can lose it, because we made some changes in the way the ready-made answers are displayed, or what conditions the search result must meet in order for it to be shown in this block. However, after another 24 hours, you can again get into the block with the answer, because as a result of some other changes, preference was again given to you. "

He also said that in the future the number of blocks with answers in Google’s search results is likely to increase, as well as their accuracy, quality and relevance to the user's request.

As for the recommendations regarding getting into the so-called “zero position”, now Google is not ready to advise anything, since the function is very unstable.